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About Us

Hebei yezhen wire mesh products co. LTD is subject to Hebei Industrial Corporation (Group), in charge the Import & Export business of our group, main business including Exporting the wire & mesh/fence products which coming from owned 4 wire & mesh/fence mills,with turnover of 2000 tons monthly.

We were founded in 1999 year, having more than ten years experience of producing and exporting wire and mesh etc .With the development of business, 4 machining mills joined our group ,which is specialist at same field filling in Margin of products.

Our Group structure:
2 wire drawing & galvanizing mills.
4 mesh making mills;
1 steel constructing mill;
1 trading company ( Hebei Metal Industrial Tading Co., Ltd )
1 Investment and Guarantee Company

Thanks a lot for your close attention and support from abroad, we treat our customers as the friend, assuring of our best service.
Thanks for your visit and attention again.